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Anti-Ragging Cell

College has taken various precautions as per Govt Norms to prevent ragging and ensure 100% no-ragging environment.

  • Formed Anti Ragging Committee consisting of faculty members and headed by Principal/Dean
  • Persons not only from college but also from surrounding areas are also involved in Anti-Ragging Activities.
  • Committee has taken steps and allotted duties to all the staff members at almost all areas in the college (i.e. canteen, parking places, play grounds etc.) and ensure that at least one faculty member will be present at any particular time at all the locations to avoid ragging activities.
  • Committee has taken precautions to avoid ragging activities at other locations like bus stops; and appointed student volunteers as informers to restrict ragging activities.
  • Wide canvassing about anti-ragging, is being done in the forms of Flexes, Posters and Boards in college premises.
  • Grievances committee is also made a part of these anti-ragging activities.
  • Many awareness programmes about Anti Ragging will be conducted by Anti Ragging Committee in the form of meetings and PPTs to the senior students, faculty & non-college personnel.

Please contact the Principal or Anti-Ragging committee member in case of any ragging incidents or any such related incidents.

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